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The Bone Room is the web's premiere natural history store. We specialize in natural science and all things once living.
The Bone Room is the place to come for real bones, genuine fossils, quality bone and fossil replicas, native & exotic insects, and all manner of weird and wonderful things. 

Looking for human skulls?

    You are in the right place! The Bone Room has been selling human skulls and bones for over 25 years. We have the largest selection of human skulls available. Browse our online selection here, and if you don't see what you are looking for email us and we will send you more options.

Fetal Monkey Skeleton

A beautifully articulated skeleton of a fetal monkey.
Dome included.

Dog Skull (Domestic)

  • Dog Species: Standard
Canis familiaris

60x Magnnification Microscpe

60x magnification with LED & UV lights. Batteries are included.

Looking for that Perfect Prop?

Are you a photographer, set decorator, or artist looking for a unique piece for your work? If so, you'll be happy to know we do rentals! With our rentals, you can take advantage of our one of a kind collection for a fraction of the cost. Please visit our store or contact us for more details

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Do you work with Search & Rescue Dogs?

    If you are looking for bones suitable to train search and rescue dogs, please give us a call or email. We have provided bones for many search and rescue dogs trainers in the past, and have the experience to help you find exactly what you need at more affordable prices.

Important Notice to our Customers:

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