The Bone Room
Owner, Ron Cauble
A Natural History Store
1569 Solano Ave.
Berkeley Ca 94707
(510) 526-5252

Store Hours:
Tues - Sat / 11-6pm
Thurs/ 11-9pm
(Closed Sundays & Mondays)
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The Bone Room Presents
A Natural History Salon
1573 Solano
Berkeley, CA 94707
(510) 526-5252

Welcome To The Bone Room

The web's premiere natural history store, The Bone Room specializes in natural science and all things once living. The Bone Room is the place to come for real bones, genuine fossils, quality bone and fossil replicas, native & exotic insects, and all manner of weird and wonderful things.

We are continuing the experiement! We will also be open
11am-6pm on Sundays in the month of April.

New Bone Room Apparel

Our first T-Shirts were such a hit, we decided to expand our collection. We now have Fossil Irish Deer T-Shirts and totes.
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New Merchandise

We're finally finished updating the site to an awesome more user friendly format, and now we're moving on to the content. Take a look at our New Merchandise section to get on the insiders fast track of what's new and fabulous at The Bone Room.

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Signed Books

Many of our lectures next door at our natural history salon, The Bone Room presents are accompanied by a book signing. All these books are available online incase you missed out on a wonderful talk. Featured here is Heavenly Bodies by Paul Koudounaris, a book about lavishly decorated skeletons from the middle ages. 

Click to browse our signed books page.

New Shadow Box Insects

We've gotten in a HUGE new shipment of our fabulously popular and inexpensive shadow box framed insects. Please feel free to browse our inventory 
Click here to visit our shadow box insects page.

Lee Post Books

Learn how to articulate a variety of skeletons- from tiny birds to a huge whale. The Lee Post books offer the most in depth guide to skeleton articulation on the market! In order get bones clean enough to articulate, we are also offering a bone cleaning class in February.

Click here to start articulating!

Bronze & Silver Jewelry

Beautiful natural history-inspired  bronze and white bronze jewelry by Raven Moon
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Art For Sale

We are now offering Laura Zindel's entire line of hand screened pottery.

Click here to go to the new Laura Zindel ceramics page.

New Mail Order Policies

We appreciate our mail order customers and strive to make ordering from afar as easy as possible. But as shipping rates keep going up, international shipping policies are getting more complicated, and our time filling orders is being increasingly taxed, we are being forced to make a few adjustments to our mail order policies. You can view all of the changes in the Order Section, but here is a quick synopsis of the changes. 

1. $20 minimum on all mail order, both international and domestic. 
2. $200 minimum order on all international orders that require inspection (usually orders containing wild species or insects).
3. Slight shipping increase on domestic orders.
4. Small bones and animal parts now come in packs rather than individually. 

What is The Bone Room Presents?

As you may already know, The Bone Room opened an art gallery and lecture hall right next door in August of 2009. It's been over a year now and we've had some amazing events and great public feedback, but we realize that a lot of our patrons, especially those that aren't local, don't really know what our new operation is all about. So, we've put together a short video for You Tube that offers some explanation and hopefully some incentive for anyone visiting our area to stop by.

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